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Sharon Lund

Sharon Lund


Shron Lund: A Biography


Understanding the sacredness of life and death is a product of Sharon Lund’s life experiences and spiritual journey. She has danced with life and death since childhood. Her early history of nine years of sexual abuse, the unexpected loss of family members, community involvement, and her adult struggle with illness gradually compelled Sharon to live her life purpose.

In early 1986 Sharon started to work in the AIDS and cancer communities in Los Angeles. She taught mind-body-spirit healing techniques at Marianne Williamson’s LA Center for Spiritual Living, and Sally Fisher’s Northern Lights Alternatives. Later that year, she realized she might be infected with the HIV/AIDS virus when she saw her ex-husband, Bill, on Dan Rather’s AIDS Special, “AIDS Hits Home.” Bill was announcing to the world that he was infected with AIDS. Sharon confronted him and he denied it was him on the show. However, during meditation Sharon heard she needed to be tested. Her test came back positive. She was infected with HIV. Bill called Sharon a few years later right before he died due to AIDS complications and admitted he was infected in 1983 when they were married. He had led a secret bi-sexual lifestyle. Sharon forgave Bill, and embraced the HIV/AIDS virus, allowing it to empower her. It is believed that Sharon was the first heterosexual woman in Los Angeles to go public.

Sharon became a New Thought Minister in 1986 and was ordained by Katherine Reynolds of the Church of Cosmic Power. This allowed her to assist men who were dying from AIDS complications while they were in the hospital, as well as at home. She became a volunteer and was educated through the Nightlight Project, directed by Cassandra Christensen. Sharon felt blessed and honored to have been present at the bedside when many men and women made their transition. Sharon graduated from Emerson Theological Institute with a Doctor of Divinity degree in April 2010.

While working in the AIDS Community, Sharon shared the stage with former First Lady Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Tom Cruise, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, and numerous other celebrities and politicians throughout the world. Sharon has spoken at the Centers for Disease Control, and in 1995 she accepted a personal invitation from President Clinton to speak at the White House.

As a volunteer, Sharon was elected to the following board of directors: AIDS Project Los Angeles, AIDS Medicine and Miracles, The International Center for Better Living, and the International AIDS Project. She also served on the Los Angeles County Health Service HIV Planning Council, Women’s Caucus of the AIDS Regional Board, and the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS.

Speaking engagements have taken Sharon to Japan, Russia, Europe, and Canada, as well as throughout the United States. She has appeared on numerous television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, 48 Hours, CNN, and Eye on America. Sharon has been featured in periodicals including The Los Angeles Times, TV Guide, Daily News, Shape, Women’s World, Whole Life, and the London-based Women’s Own magazine. She has written articles for Whole Life Times, Being Alive, and Awareness. Sharon’s life story was featured in the November 2007 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Millions of people around the world have encountered near-death experiences (NDEs). In 1984 Sharon encountered her first near-death experience, resulting in the gift of her life purpose to be a healer, teach around the world, and write books. In March 1997 she had a second near-death experience due to AIDS complications. She died in the hospital. Her Spirit lifted out of her body, she immediately felt healed, and more at peace than she had every experienced before. She saw a review of her life and then went through the tunnel of light. Telepathically the voice of God spoke to her. Sharon then relived precious times with her daughter, Jeaneen. She was given the choice to stay in the spirit realm or return to her physical body. She chose to return to Jeaneen.

Before this second NDE, Sharon had been assisting people infected with cancer and dying from AIDS complications to share their life stories by leaving their legacy and then assisting them to create a memorial honoring their lives. Yet she had not created her own. This was a wake-up call. In meditation, Sharon was told to break the silence about dying and death and was Divinely Guided to write Sacred Living, Sacred Dying: A Guide to Embracing Life and Death. She understood more than ever the importance of sharing one’s life story, along with the dignity and process of dying. This act allows people to celebrate life, rather than mourn death, and to leave a treasured legacy for friends, loved ones, and future generations. It also allows people to reprioritize their lives and stop taking life for granted.

Sharon has taken all the healing techniques she has learned, embraced, and taught around the world since 1986 and shares that much-accumulated wisdom in The Integrated Being: Techniques to Heal Your Mind-Body-Spirit. Within these 356 pages, Sharon weaves in her personal experiences and teaches step-by-step valuable processes, exercises, meditations, visualizations, and much more that will assist the reader to become whole.

Sharon was Divinely Guided to produce Dying to Live: NDE (Near-Death Experience), a  documentary. She shares her incredible two near-death experiences in this thought-provoking, inspirational documentary. She also interviews other men, women, and children who have had NDEs, Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs), and Distressful Near-Death Expeirences (DNDEs), in her book There Is More . . . 18 Near-Death Experiences. They share their interactions with the light and the tunnel, as they see their bodies and hear messages from the other side. Many came back to a new life. Their discoveries about death came from love rather than fear, forever altering how they relate to this most natural cycle of life. This book and documentary book will change the way people look at life and death.

Sharon’s compassion, love, and understanding motivate people of all ages to overcome illness, grief, and life challenges. Through her life experiences and wisdom, she inspires and empowers people to be all that they can be in mind, body, and spirit.


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