Prana Sati


Prana Sati: An Personal NDE Story


In 1979, at age 17, Prana Sati died in a motorcycle accident as he T-boned the side of a car at a very high rate of speed. However, a few seconds before the impact is where the fairytale actually began, Prana remembers, “and everything suddenly went into slow motion, as if some temporal/ spatial anomaly were occurring, and, as I would learn in just a few more seconds, that’s exactly what had occurred.“ Prana continues, “I felt the familiar presence of my guides around me, and I heard them say, ’Relax; be calm; all is well. This is the first in a series of Near Death Experiences that you agreed to, and all is proceeding perfectly according to plan.’ Then memories and realizations from the “other side” began to rush back in. The music of the spheres began to play in my awareness, flooding into and through all of reality. I was reminded of many things as it took what seemed like forever to travel the last few yards to my imminent impact with the car. An indescribable feeling of Love, Compassion, and Well-Being surrounded me, and I felt no fear whatsoever in the face of my impending demise.”

As his guides continued to gently and lovingly re-orient him into the non-physical dimension, things began to become more clear. “It all began to feel very familiar to me and began to make perfect sense, as it seemed as if I were awakening from a third-dimensional dream where the illusion had tricked me into believing that it was actually solid. I floated out of my body and observed the scene. I could either touch things as if they were solid, or I could pass through them.”

Prana remembers his post-life review. “I saw myself as a spirit deciding which parents to have as well as every other detail of my pre-birth agreement. I saw this first wake-up call as well as every other detail of my life, beginning at conception right up until the moment of the crash. After that, the rest of my life became potential realities, with my pre-birth agreement being the desired blueprint to follow. 

Prana subsequently had three more near-death experiences at ages 27, 29, and 37, according to his pre-birth agreements. After each and every NDE Prana definitely would have preferred to have stayed in the non-physical, but he chose to return to a finite body in order to help others awaken from spiritual amnesia.