challenges-2014-banner a global community focused on human potential, social fulfillment, and spiritual actualization.
The International Association for Near-Death Studies – THE global organization
The Division of Perceptual Studies — School of Medicine at UVAhome of NDE researcher Bruce Greyson
The Forever Family Foundation Understanding of Afterlife Science while providing support and healing for people in grief
NDE Research FoundationIncludes the largest repository authentic and personal NDE accounts by the survivors themselves
Wikipedia on Near-Death Experiences
The Journal of Near-Death Studies – The professional journal of IANDS
Esalen: Survival of Bodily Death
Near-Death Experience Experts
The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE)
Netherlands Study: Pim Van Lommel proves NDEs are real . Published in Lancet
more to come . . .