Kim Ganassin


A Biography of Kim Ganassin


Kim Ganassin was born, raised, and educated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Clairvoyant experiences were an everyday occurrence for her since early childhood. As a toddler yearning to escape her crib, she learned to extend her consciousness beyond her body in order to follow her father to work. As a child with chronic medical conditions, she was constantly attended by various types of Beings who offered support, encouragement, and education. To this day, she confidently relies on her ability to consciously engage with the Vibrational Fabric for information, inspiration, and communion.

In 1996 Kim earned a Liberal Arts degree from John F. Kennedy University. Her self-designed program was a comparative study of the nature of reality and consciousness from two very different perspectives: World Religions and Quantum Theory. In choosing this course of study, she endeavored to develop a vocabulary and conceptual framework for communicating with clients, friends and family about what she was “seeing”.

Due to her chronic conditions, Kim required two transplants: a kidney transplant in 2008, and an experimental transplant of Islands of Langerhans in 2010. (Islets of Langerhans are the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin – Kim was a Type-1 diabetic. -ed.) The five years that encompassed this pivotal phase were full of extreme challenges on many levels: physical, social, psychological, and spiritual. Existing near the edge of death for such a long stretch of time, and in fact experiencing “near-death”, brought her to the Other Side and back many times. As a Clairvoyant and Channel, it has been a unique experience for her to receive and host the living DNA of two individuals, one who is alive today, and one who passed away just before gifting her with living cells.

Currently, Kim represents her experiences and knowledge in a variety of very fulfilling ways. She is proud to use her gifts as a lucid Channel and interpreter of vibration to serve clients locally and internationally, and has been doing so since 1995.

Her YouTube channel “The Table”, named after her upcoming book, is a forum for discussing the advancement of human consciousness and culture through awareness of the Self as a spectrum of consciousness and a thread on the Vibrational Fabric. Her goals are:  to bridge the gap between 3Dimensional and 5Dimensional consciousness for everyone; to vibrationally entrain clients and audiences to the Vibrational Fabric; and to provide techniques and concepts that help re-associate the conscious mind with the physical body, a crucial step in the development of multi-dimensional perception.

Kim enjoys speaking to a variety of audiences about her experiences as a survivor of multiple chronic conditions, a transplant recipient, clairvoyant and vibrational Channel. She has spoken to medical audiences at UCSF Medical Center, Stanford University, and many hospitals. She has also spoken for the International Association of Near Death Studies and Donor Network West. She is a board member for Kaiser Permanente’s Institutional Review Board where she helps protect the rights and welfare of human subjects in bio-medical research.

Kim’s most fulfilling role is that of Channel and Interpreter at a Vibrational junction.  She identifies herself as a Multi-Via, a meeting place for people, voices, vibrations, images, and even DNA. It has been a practice of hers for over 20 years to invite clients to sit down at The Table for a personal and humanizing conversation that transcends the usual limits!

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