Our goals are

       To encourage thoughtful exploration of all facets of near-death and near-
death-like experiences

•        To provide reliable information about near-death and near-death-like
experiences to experiencers, caregivers, researchers, educators, and the public

•        To serve as a contact point and community for people with particular
interest in near-death and near-death-like experiences

IANDS’ purpose is to promote responsible, multi-disciplinary exploration of near-death and near-death-like experiences, their effects on people’s lives, and their implications for beliefs about life, death, and human purpose. IANDS does not subscribe to any particular interpretation of the near-death experience. IANDS has evolved from an organization serving mainly researchers to a much more inclusive one.

Today IANDS serves six distinct classes of people:

People who are interested in doing research on near-death experiences and/or near-death-like experiences

Health Care Professionals:
People who care for experiencers’ physical and/or mental health

People who have had a near-death or near-death-like experience

Their loved ones:
Many of our services for experiencers are also applicable to people who know them well. We also have specialized materials for those close to experiencers.

People who teach about near-death and near-death-like experiences.

Interested other people:
People with special needs or other interests related to these experiences, including those with terminal illness, those in grief, and the general public