Heidi Craig



Heidi Craig: A Biography


Heidi Craig remembers this from her childhood: her father raging at her mother, throwing a toaster, pots and pans at her, as the young girl wondered whether her mother would be murdered in front of her. No wonder she describes her youth as being “scared all the time.”


   Her mother married six times, moving Heidi across the country. She was bullied in school. In 1999 – as she had known her whole life – her father was convicted as a child molester, events that involved her half-sisters and step-sisters. “Gary,” as she refers to her father, was sentenced to more than 40 years in prison, where he now resides. At 26, Heidi married a “functioning alcoholic” who abused her psychologically, and who would eventually leave her financially destitute with three children.


   During the birth of her third child in 2004, her heart stopped. And just like that, she recalls, she was in heaven. “I had no body, but I was me. I was surrounded by angels, loved ones, Mother Mary, Jesus and God. We were all part of this warm, radiant, beautiful light that was bubbly, sparkling, and effervescent, like champagne. We were all one. The oneness was deeply profound and breathtaking.


  “They were all there supporting and loving me. There are no words to articulate how I felt, or to describe the beautiful light I was bathed in. The colors and feelings were 1000 times magnified. I was feeling love through my entire being.


   She kept hearing three messages over and over again, separately, but at the same time. “The messages that I received were that I was unconditionally loved, that everything is as it’s supposed to be, and that everything would always be all right.”


   And then…she was back. She was given no choice. The warmth of the light was gone. “ I was cold and I was angry. I wanted to go Home, and I felt guilty about that, because I had three beautiful babies.”  When she told her husband about her NDE, she recalls, “ I’ll never forget the look he gave to me. It was a look of embarrassment and shame.” She would not talk about the event for years.


  Her life continued to be challenging, but she began to make better choices. She divorced her husband. And always, always, she remembered the messages she had received from the Light. A journey to personal restoration slowly began, leading her to overcome poverty and live happily with her beloved three sons.


  “Most importantly, I figured out I needed to love myself,” Heidi says. Today, she works as a credit analyst in Goleta, CA., and volunteers to help a number of causes. She has written a book of daily affirmations. She refers to her NDE as a “gift.”


  “Yes, I’ve had a life filled with obstacles,” Heidi says, “ but I’ve never been more happy or content with my life than I am now I never lose sight of the Light because I know I am unconditionally loved Even in my darkest moments, I know that I will be okay. It’s not a life sentence, it’s a life lesson.”