The Rev. Jim Thomas

The Rev. Dr. James Thomas Jr. – A Biography

The Rev. Dr. Jim Thomas

The Rev. Dr. Jim Thomas

Rev. Jim Thomas received his B.S. (biology and chemistry) from Drury College in Springfield, Missouri in 1963.  After 6 years in the U.S. Air Force, he received his master’s degree in general psychology from Eastern Washington State University. While earning his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Oklahoma State University he also worked, under a NIMH grant, as psychiatric department manager at Bi-State Community Mental Health Center in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  His internship and residency were in the psychiatry department of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston after which he worked in Oklahoma for 31 years as a clinical psychologist. He provided consulting services for the Ponca City public school system for 26 years.  He worked with public and parochial schools during the time that Public Law 94-142 (S. 6) Nov. 29, 1975 was being enacted establishing free school special education services.  During this time he was “farmed out” to the Cowley County, Kansas rural schools performing child assessments and crisis interventions, many times making house calls. He also worked with the Oklahoma District Attorney’s Association for over 20 years teaching interrogation tactics by using his interviewing skills. He was an early consultant with prosecutors’ offices profiling jury candidates for criminal trials.  In the infancy of victim witness research, he worked with a group from Stanford and UC Berkeley (e.g. Grinder, Bandler, Cameron & Satir, some of which were pioneers of Neuro-linguistic programming), to help develop that field.  In 2001 he received his divinity credentials from the Virginia Theological Seminary, becoming an Episcopal priest. His past associations include those with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and the late Robert A. Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute. Dr. Thomas recently retired from his 7-year position of associate rector for pastoral care at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Saratoga, CA, a position he held since 2003.  He currently lives with his wife Sally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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