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August 28

Please join us on Tuesday August 28th at 7:00 PM to meet Sharon Lund. Sharon has overcome so much adversity that it can only be through a higher power that she has been able to turn it around and help others as much as she has been hurt. Please read more by clicking the big link above.

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August 31

IANDS 2012 Conference – Join us! Please click on the big print link just above.

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July 24

  July 24, 2012 – Kiki Corbin

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June 21

Roberta Grimes returned for another look at the afterlife evidence she and other researchers have uncovered.

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October 18

Bringing together researchers, mental health professionals, pastoral counselors, spiritual directors, addiction counselors, and other psychotherapists, ACISTE provides education and certificate training to individuals in those fields. Read the details by clicking above . . .

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June 13

Meet Kimberly Clark Sharp. She founded and still operates the oldest and one of the largest IANDS chapters in the world – in Seattle. She is also a near-death experiencer, author, has a MSW, college professor, worldwide speaker and consultant. Click the large heading above to learn more about this dynamic and compassionate NDEr.

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May 22

Virginia Hummel is one of the most spiritually optimistic people I have ever spoken to. She lost her son to a motorcycle accident. She has every right to be bitter. Amazingly, she has accepted Chris’ death with a whole lot of dignity. This dignity has to come from somewhere, right? Click the above to discover her source of strength. And, BRING YOUR CAMERAS to this event.

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April 21

South Bay IANDS’ new co-facilitator brings to our group a DVD production of the largest and most successful experiment on afterlife evidence and materialization. Click above to proceed.

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March 27

Linda Brann, Ann Fox, Ray Kinman, and Eric Rice. What do they have in common? Each one of them had a spiritually transformative experience. 3 of them died, but came back to tell the story. Before we meet with them, see their videos on YouTube (Ann and Ray) or the Bio Channel: I Survived – Beyond and Back. Then come to our March 27th meeting so you can ask your own questions. Click above for more information.

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February 28

February brings David Bennett, coordinator of Upstate New York IANDS, to South Bay IANDS. Dave has had multiple experiences and is a cancer survivor. Click above to read more.

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