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June 19

June meeting: We are proud to co-host Dr. Eben Alexander III during his first West Coast speaking tour. Sofia University is our co-sponsor and will also serve as the venue for the lecture. Most of you are familiar with Sofia. Sofia is an esteemed educational institution on the mid-San Francisco Peninsula offering academic degrees at all levels. For more info, click above!

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May 28

We’ll see you next month!

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April 23

South Bay IANDS is pleased and honored to host P.M.H. Atwater as our guest speaker. Please meet this thorough and prolific researcher.

Click the BIG LINK above to

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March 26

We welcome Martha Cassandra St. Claire at our March 26th meeting. Read all about Martha by clicking the above link.

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February 26

How could it be possible for any of us to meet and have a relationship with an infinite Being, a Being so far beyond our comprehension? The answer is that this infinite God of ours has the ability and the desire to interact with us, and this is exactly what He does.

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January 22

Luis Minero, California director of the International Academy of Consciousness, will talk about the differences and the similarities between the near-death experience and the out-of-body experience. Click on the large font link above for more information.

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December – Pot Luck!

Come to the Pot-Luck! Click above for instructions.

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November 22

Julia Assante is a professional and an academician. By education she is an archaeologist. Living in Germany, she conducts numerous workshops and classes there and in other Western European countries. Read more about her by clicking on the link above.Obviously she has a lot to teach us. Click on the big letters above!

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October 23

Dr. Mary Neal was the guest speaker on Tuesday October 23rd at 7:00 PM at South Bay IANDS. We met at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 13601 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga, CA. Dr Neal has been taking time away from her busy orthopedic practice in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to speak at the IANDS chapters in the Bay Area.

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September 25

Janet Mayer grew up as a regular kid with many paranormal experiences. Her life changed dramatically when she began spontaneously speaking languages unknown to her. Added to this she participated in scientific research conducted by Gary Schwartz Ph.D and Julie Beischel Ph.D. All are welcome as Janet will share her unbelievable journey. It’s not likely she’ll be passing this way again anytime soon, so don’t miss the opportunity! Please click on the big link above.

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