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January 17

Jang Jaswal, formerly full of cardiac stents, artificial pumps, and prostheses, is now a fully healthy human being. He has been healed due to a spectacular NDE. This night he will talk about his experience. We’ll also discuss why he can’t use his iPad anymore (HINT: Electromagnetic Effects). Donations at the door are appreciated. Coffee, tea, cold drinks available. If you can, bring some snacks to share!

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November 10

Kay Fahlstrom is an NDEr who returned with many psychic gifts. Her NDE, like almost all others transformed Kay into a sensitive spirit on earth who can help others get in touch with departed loved ones. Click the above link for more information. We hope to see you there on November 10th!

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September 27

Irene Kendig, M.A. will be our guest this month. Irene lives in Virginia and is a well-respected Soul-Centered Coach, Speaker, and International Award-Winning Author. Be sure to follow the “About” button on her Facebook page.

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August 25

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, is a medium and intuition development expert. Her work has been documented by renowned researchers including Dr. Gary Schwartz, Victor Zammit, and Roberta Grimes. In fact, Roberta Grimes has referred to Susanne as “the world’s greatest living medium.” Please click on the above heading for more information.

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May 24

    Tuesday May 24, 2016: RaNelle Wallace         Tuesday we have a very famous NDEr, RaNelle Wallace, joining us for her gripping presentation. She was in small airplane crash and was burnt over 75% of her body. Although the scars still show, she shows so much strength in sharing. Last night […]

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April 26

Roberta Grimes returns to South Bay IANDS on April 26th with her new book, “Liberating Jesus”, a fascinating work that tries to clear up some of our misunderstandings about the bible. She is an afterlife evidence expert, and she uses her lawyering skills to give us a new understanding of what Jesus wants us to know right now. Click at top!

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April 7

Don’t miss Thursday evening with Natalie Sudman. She was working for the US Army in Iraq as a civilian contracts administrator, a job that required her to visit job sites often. She was always accompanied by other military guys and gals and even at least another vehicle. Coming back from a job site, their Land Rover drove over an IED landmine with catastrophic results. There were deaths, and Natalie herself had a shredded hand, a non-functional right eye, holes in her skull, and other sundry injuries. She immediately “blinked” into another environment where she conversed with hundreds and hundreds of advisers who lovingly asked her to return to her body. This is a story of inspiration, and the amazing way her body healed. Click the link above for the full post on Natalie’s appearance.

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April 2

As one of the most well-known and first near-death experiencers who have written about their experience, Betty is well-known by those who follow the subject. She knows that God and Jesus are always with us. She persevered through years of trying times, but was MADE TO KNOW IT throught her incredible near-death experience. Click above to go to the post.

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March 15

A new spiritual study group is forming. Please read to help you decide if you would like to attend. Also, before you call John, please get an idea when would be the best days and times for you to attend.

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February 23

Brian Sackett, Ph.D. is our February Presenter Brian Sackett, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice for the last twelve years in San Jose, CA. He specializes in working with clients dealing with trauma and abuse, spiritual emergence, anxiety and depression. Click above for more . . .

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