Carol Lynn Vengroff


Carol Lynn Vengroff: A Bio


Author and speaker, Carol Vengroff, grew up on Long Island, New York in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Her father was a career pilot in the Air Force, and part of Carol’s childhood was spent in France. Carol’s mother, and personal hero, devoted her time to raising six active and highly accomplished children.

After studying fine arts at the Pratt Institute in New York City, Carol lived in Alaska and Hawaii. She returned to the East Coast, where she was the successful business owner of American Handcraft Galleries in Boston and New York.

Carol is an accomplished artist and illustrator, whose creations range from greeting cards, soft sculptures and wearable art to paintings, boat interiors and theater design. Carol’s versatile and visionary spirit translates to every aspect of her life. Nothing is safe from her recycling zeal, and unwanted objects often find themselves reinvented as clever art pieces, party decorations and yard ornaments.

Carol met her husband, Harvey, in 1982 and together they raised a blended family of five children. Countless RV adventures with children and grandchildren, extensive world travels and over thirty years of cruising coastal waters on their sailboat, “Lollipop,” are all documented in Carol’s carefully illustrated journals.

For much of her life, Carol held a fascination for alternative health methods and trained in a variety of energy healing modalities, including The Silva Method, Reiki, Healing Hands International Inc., Lightworkers Healing Method, Animal Communication LLC and Emotion Code.

Her spiritual journey began in France in 1963 when she had a profound near death experience at age 12. Carol’s first book, My Ever After Chronicles, is the story of her passage to heaven and back and the powerful inner awakening that followed. Carol currently speaks about her near death experience to an international audience and is a frequent radio guest.

Carol Vengroff is part of a growing collective of spiritual luminaries who are now stepping forward to share their accounts of the near death experience and a universal message of unconditional love. Carol recognizes the transformation of human consciousness that is taking place on a global level. Her personal commitment is to serve the evolutionary process of awakening and remembrance of the Light within each person.

Carol currently resides on the Gulf coast of Florida. She is co-author of the upcoming book, Heaven 101, with New York Times Bestselling author, media personality, and spiritual champion, Kelly Lange.