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Paul Robb – A Biography

Paul Robb is an Optical Engineer and Author who spent 40 years in the Aerospace Industry.  When he was 27 years old, God appeared to him face to face and showed Paul what he is like, overwhelming him with his kindness and love.  This led Paul to collect stories written by others who have had similar experiences.  The result is the book TheKindness of God: How God Cares for Us , a collection of more than 100 of these personal accounts.

I am a husband and father.  I have five children and five grandchildren, and I live with my wife and our young son in Sunnyvale, California. I am a member of the Unity Community Church in San Jose.  Professionally, I am an Optical Engineer, and I spent 39 years in the Aerospace Industry working for Eastman Kodak and Lockheed Martin.

Paul Robb

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28  July 2010