Jessica Haynes

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Jessica is a business and relationship consultant who specializes in helping individuals reach their goals. She has been a motivational and self-empowerment speaker for the past twenty years. Using her psychology degree, marketing background, and business networking skills, she consults globally with a steady clientele.

Her success in part is attributed to her near death experience in 1983. At the age of twenty-seven, she sustained massive injuries in a car crash. The driver walked away from the accident, but the impact on her side of the car crushed her face beyond recognition. The bones in her feet were shattered and her vertebrae suffered multiple fractures.  Jessica lost mobility and was given a prognosis of sustained disfigurement and nerve damage. At that point, her life literally turned around. Formerly an active, beautiful marketing executive working on national projects she was now a grotesque-looking hospital patient with a bleak future. The pain was excruciating.

After the surgery to reattach her jaw, rebuild her face, and close the multiple
gashes from the broken windshield glass, she had a near death experience.

Jessica’s NDE is unlike any other submitted to IANDS which is why she was
invited to be a key speaker in Denver, CO for the International Convention in 2010.

Jessica has been on panel discussions about Near Death Experiences with
Dr. Raymond Moody, Dannion Brinkley, Ram Dass, and other experts on the
field of death and back. She is a co-author with Stephen Covey, John Gray,
Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown.

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