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December 28

South Bay Holiday Pot-Luck! December 28th, Thursday at 7:00 PM – we will eat promptly. Please bring a snack. On the agenda:

A short NDE medical training DVD
A talk by an NDE experiencer in our local community
Socialization and friendship

Click on the photo for more.

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October 23

This meeting will be one of our highlights of the year. Dr. Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon with a busy practice in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, will come to St. Andrew’s Church in Saratoga.  Several years ago, Dr. Neal experienced a fatal boating accident. She crossed to the other side while drowning in a Chilean river while on a kayaking trip with her husband and fellow kayaker-friends.

This is a ticketed event. Please click on Mary’s photo to read the meeting post, and to get to the PayPal button. Tickets are 15.00 in advance, and 20.00 at the door.

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USB Video Release

The USB is an organization headed up by the highest spiritual entities. Our long-time member and friend John Finnemore, who took the teachings that were transmitted to his friend, Michael Flagg, and as promised, after Michael died of cancer, proceeded to organize the more than ninety newsletters Flagg had written over the years into a system of topics, recently finished the 650-page book entitled “Spiritual Light”. The book is not a bible. Those who follow it by reading are encouraged to use their own discernment while following the principles. NOW the USB has released six YouTube videos that explain the USB in an introductory way. Click on John’s photo for more information.

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April 21

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October 25

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September 14

We are in for a treat on Thursday September 14th at 7:00 PM when we will meet Nancy Rynes, who will be visiting from Colorado. Nancy is a near-death experiencer who received a great gift from her experience. As a scientist, a writer, a corporate trainer, and an artist, she was already an excellent communicator. Now she is able to tell us what she learned on the other side and how to apply this to our own lives, so that we don’t have to go what she went through to find and grow transformational love, peace, and compassion, especially toward ourselves. Meet Nancy this night for what is sure to be a wonderful evening. Click on Nancy’s photo for more information.

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August 22

Robert is one of the most sought-after speakers at IANDS and other conferences and symposiums, and also at the dozens of IANDS meetings like ours. Please come meet Robert for what will prove to be a wonderul evening of reflection and spirituality. Click on Robert to read the meeting announcement.
Optional donations are appreciated, and we encourage you to bring snacs if you’re moved to do so!

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November 15

On Wednesday, November 15th at 7:00 PM, come to met Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, for a warm and personable presentation. She is one of the top mediums in the country, and rarely makes appointments for future readings because her calendar is booked for 2 years in advance. Click on her photo for more information!

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July 18

Tuesday July 18th at 7:00 PM – Robert Bare and Kathy Baker –
This night will be a wonderful presentation by these 2 great speakers, both of whom appeared on “I Survived: … Beyond and Back.” Please click on the photo to read the post!

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May 23

May 23, 2017 – no meeting

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