Ann Fox


Ann Fox: Her NDE and Aftereffects


Ann’s work in television and film provided her with a wealth of unique experiences but it was the NDE that put her life on a whole new course.

On the way to a production in San Diego Ann’s car was struck, causing it to careen out of control. Most of the bones in her face were pulverized in the accident and this left her choking to death on the bone and tissue that lodged in her throat.

What followed was an NDE that convinced her of the interconnectedness of the universe. “My experience included having past life flashbacks and astoundingly beautiful images, but what was even more memorable were the sounds”.

This experience inspired an expanded commitment to environmental awareness and protection of innocent life. Ann went on to volunteer and work for numerous non-profit organizations. Her efforts effected change in environmental protection, childhood education and veterans’ support.

“Now I hope to find a way to connect with other women who have had extreme facial trauma”.

Ann accepted the offer to appear on I Survived – Beyond and Back in hopes that the exposure might jump-start that connection to those women.