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John Sphar, Director

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August 2010 was our first meeting. We are an IANDS-affiliated group and as such, we adhere to all of the high standards IANDS has set forth for the operation of such groups. IANDS is a global organization with chapters in ten countries. The near-death experience is not limited geographically or culturally.

We are dedicated to bringing the phenomena of near-death and near-death-like experiences to the awareness of all people. Underlying this goal is the basic desire to help those who fear death to alleviate their fear and to better understand life as the creator intended us to live it – in an unambiguously loving manner.

Our experience in this field, our studies, and our personal relationships, have shown us that those who have “seen the light”, not only while near death, but also at other remarkable times in their lives, demonstrate a discernible wisdom about life and love. By observing the new way they manage and direct their lives, we can gain powerful insight not only into what may lie ahead of us, but also what is true in our lives right now. We can assess our own doctrine that guides us in living and loving.

Like all IANDS groups, we at South Bay IANDS hope to develop a local community of individuals with a common interest. We do not judge the way anyone interprets their own experience. We are grateful to the members of our community who choose to share their experiences, and to those who have an interest in the experiences of others. We protect privacy, but encourage dialogue. We also seek to attract members of our community who are caregivers – counselors, chaplains, psychologists, nurses, physicians and psychiatrists. As group leaders and coordinators, when we have these special individuals on our staff,  although we cannot offer these types of services ourselves, we can refer experiencers to qualified professionals so that they can better integrate the experience into their lives.

Our meetings are usually held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Please check our web site, South Bay IANDS, often for the most current meeting information. We humbly ask for donations, only if possible, of 5.00 to 20.00 each meeting to cover expenses such as office supplies, instructional and informational material, refreshments, and to help cover the personal expenses of our guest speakers, who rarely ask for honoraria. Please sign up for our email list here.

John Sphar has had a long career in system local and wide area networking. He is married with three grown children and currently resides in San Jose, California. Like so many other researchers, his interest in near-death experiences originated in 1975 after reading Raymond Moody’s seminal book Life After Life. He has been an IANDS member for 20 years and South Bay IANDS has held meetings, with very few inactive month, since August 2010.

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