February 21

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Friday February 21, 2020

Robert Bare

Robert Bare

You have to have a tough mentality to be a police officer, and Robert Bare spent more than two decades as a California highway patrolman, including time serving the Bay area. “I saw lots of death, and I became callous,” he says. Spirituality or religion played no role in his life.

But his near-death experience shook him to his core. It occurred shortly after he boarded a plane in March, 2009. He had a massive heart attack and was deceased for approximately 45 minutes. His NDE was profiled in the TV Show I Survived… Beyond and Back, and he was a featured case study by author Amy Diamond in her book, Life After Near Death.

“Accompanied by loving beings, I gravitated toward a beautiful bright Light,” Robert recalls. “I saw some colors I had never seen before. I remember being in the presence of a Higher Power who talked to me. I had a “life review” and saw everything that I had experienced in my life.” He calls the review “the reckoning of my life… a humbling experience.”

“I could see everything in my life, but I was also in it, and I could read everyone’s mind.  I realized that I could have done better, and I did not want to judge or hurt anyone anymore.”

Taken to a hospital, he had a second NDE… this time, floating above the operating room, observing what was transpiring below. This NDE included a pivotal moment: he could hear medical staff talking about him while he was unconscious. Later, the doctors verified that he had indeed heard their conversation.

 “I’m a different person now,” Robert says. “Now I only want to do good in my life.” 

After retiring from the police, he worked a variety of positions; an Adjunct Professor, a General Manager/City Administrator for three communities, the Executive Director of a Community Resource Center and as a Staff Executive/Consultant for an International Consulting Company.  

Robert currently lives in Oregon, where he is a Commissioner on his Community Planning Commission and President of a local Humane Society. Active in youth sports, he coached Little League baseball and girls’ softball, Pony League Baseball, Pop Warner football and American Legion Baseball. He coached a women’s fast pitch traveling tournament team for 18 and under girls. He was nominated as the “Citizen of the Year” twice and received other community recognition as well.