November 26

Dates: 11/26/2019 Dates: 11/26/2019 Times: 17:00 - 22:00 Location: No Event this month. But photo location is in New Hampsire!

Kancamagus Highway, White Mountain Nat. Forest, NH, Fall 2010 photo by John Sphar


Thank you!

After a very rewarding October, hosting luminaries such as Shawna and Nikola Ristic, Luis Minero, Rajiv Parti, MD, and Mary Neal, MD, including a highly successful workshop entitled Beyond Living and Dying, South Bay IANDS is taking a break to enjoy the Thanksgiving Season with family in various locations. We’ll be travelling, but not out of touch. We encourage comments on how to improve, suggestions for future speakers, changes of address of our members, and just staying in touch.

We thank you immensely for making our 2019 a great and well-attended year, and hope that your holidays are wonderful, with an abundance of love.

We will not be having a holiday potluck in December. It has been rescheduled for January. Please stay tuned for the details. 

With love and hopes of peace,


South Bay IANDS