March 26


Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 7:00 PM: Terri Daniel


We’ve heard the stories and we’ve read the research. We know consciousness continues after the body dies, and we as a culture have been intellectually and spiritually elevated by learning about these life-altering experiences. So what’s next? How do we teach and support a metaphysical understanding of birth, death and beyond? 

In this thought-providing presentation, we will examine our role as “sacred activists,” and explore the ways in which we can serve as teachers and advocates for death awareness and consciousness studies.

Come and meet Terri Daniel, who last appeared at South Bay IANDS in April, 2017. If if you are questioning the existence of an afterlife, if you are bereaved, or if you are in need of healing from a loss this meeting will be potentially very helpful. The lecture will be followed by a short break and a Q&A period.

Please see Terri’s extensive bio HERE, which in turn, contains a link to her books on death and the afterlife as well as a link to The Afterlife Awareness Conference, which she founded and conducts each year. This year it will be held in Salt Lake City in early June.


Donations in the suggested range of $5.00 – $20.00 are gratefully accepted at the door. Please sign in with your email address to receive future meeting and speaker announcements.

Snacks are always welcomed!


For a map to the event, please navigate HERE. If you are coming from the north or west, please allow sufficient time to navigate the rush hour traffic.