November 27


Tuesday November 27, 2018:

Ray Kinman


Ray Kinman



On Tuesday November 27, 2018 at 7:00 PM, Ray will return to South Bay IANDS. As one of our favorite presenters he will be taking some time off from running his woodcarving school so that we can meet him and hear the story of his judo accident when he was just a kid – an accident that propelled him to “the other side” and that changed his life. Because of his NDE, Ray has some very interesting approaches to his understanding of life and death. This will be a popular meeting. Please come and meet Ray – discover what he has been doing in the years since his NDE and learn how it enhanced his creativity as a painter, songwriter and musician, woodcarver – you name it!


Acquaint yourself with Ray by checking out his Facebook page – created since his last visit to South Bay IANDS in March 2014.

You can also see his bio page here on our web site, at

For a map to the venue, please go here! But to be really blown away, check out his woodcarving site: