August 28


Tuesday August 28, 2018 at 7:00 PM

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – 13601 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga


We will be screening a movie that is highly acclaimed in the NDE community: Dying to Live: She Conquered Betrayal, AIDS, and Death. This is an NDE Documentary starring Sharon Lund. From the liner notes:

Sharon Lund transcended childhood abuse, betrayal, and AIDS. Now, she shares her incredible near-death experiences in this thought-provoking, inspirational documentary that will change the way you look at your life and death.
Sharon is joined by other men, women, and children who faced death. They share their powerful journeys, feel their spirits lift out of their bodies, enter the tunnel of light, and share messages from the other side. Many came back to a whole new life. Their discoveries about death come from love rather than fear, forever altering how we relate to this most natural cycle of life.



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