August 28 2018



August 28, 2018 at

6:00 PM

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church 13601 Saratoga Ave. Saratoga

(One hour before our regular August meeting)



A very informal meeting of our new board of directors, meeting in our regular meeting room. We will be discussing the impending change in chapter leadership and next steps involved with keeping the group viable and the meetings as excellent as we are accustomed to. This won’t be as difficult as it may seem. Through a fortuitous circumstance, one of our new leaders is a member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church (as is the current group leader’s family). This means that the meeting location WILL NOT CHANGE! Also the current leader who will be relocating with his wife to Denver, will be able to do many tasks remotely, significantly reducing the workload and flattening out the learning curve a bit for the new leadership.


YOU ARE INVITED to attend Tuesday’s open board meeting not only for the purpose of satisfying yourself that the new volunteers are going to be excellent leaders, but you may also attend to throw your hat into the ring of potential volunteer leadership as well. I’m extremely proud of our membership. We have a highly intelligent and caring bunch of attendees, and the new group leaders reflect that very strongly. We would love to see you join us in leading and caring for our group as we mature. This month is our 8th anniversary. August 24, 2008 was our first meeting. Seventeen individuals were present.

After this short planning session, we’ll watch Dying to Live!


To see a map to our meeting location, follow the “Directions” link on the top horizontal menu.