March 27


Tuesday March 27, 2018 at 7:00 PM:


Heidi Craig


The following brief biography of Heidi leaves out a lot of details. Details about her family life: growing up with an abusive and anger-addicted father who is now in prison; constantly moving all over the country with each of her mother’s new marriages; her own marriage to an abusive alcoholic. Heidi will relate these details on Tuesday evening.

Heidi’s near-death experience occurred on May 29, 2004, after delivering her youngest son.  She was 34 years old.  Her heart stopped while she was in the operating room and she “woke up” in heaven, or what she likes to call “home”.  She says that there are no words to truly express the feelings of love, joy, peace, warmth, and contentment that she experienced.  This feeling of ineffability is described by most NDErs. She received three messages that came over and over again.  It is because of those messages that she wants to share her story and spread the messages of peace and love that she received.

She has experienced a lot of challenges since her NDE occurred, including getting divorced, being laid off three time within seven years, experiencing financial hardships, and at one point she thought that she was going to live out of her car.  The gift of her NDE and the messages received helped her get through all those rough times.  Heidi no longer fears death and she knows that we are one, we are connected, and that our souls live on.

Heidi wrote a book of affirmations in December 2017 based on her NDE called “Messages from Heaven (The Little Book of Affirmations Based on the True Story of a Near Death Experience and the Messages Received)”.  Heidi’s goal is to help at least one person. Find Heidi’s book here.

Heidi lives in Solvang and has three loving, healthy & handsome sons.  She works at Deckers in Goleta, as a Credit Analyst.

A donation, from 5.00 to 20.00 is requested to cover Heidi’s travel expenses. Thanks!

You are encouraged to bring refreshments/snacks to share.

If you can’t attend our presentation, you can meet Heidi at her 2 other Bay Area presentations:

The Sunrise Center Monday March 26, 2018 at 7:30 – listen to the audio recording of Heidi’s presentation at IANDS Santa Barbara at the Sunrise Center web site

East Bay IANDS: Wednesday March 28, 2018 at 7:30 at Rudramandir  830 Bancroft Way (at 6th), Berkeley