April 28

Saturday April 28th, 2018

from 9:30 to 2:30

Shawna Ristic

Workshop #3

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Please RSVP if you will attend by calling or emailing me: john@sbiands.org, 408-343-1238 – we will cancel if less than 5 attendees. Thanks!


A WORKSHOP – Part Three – (parts one and two not required)

Saturday April 28, 2018 from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

St. Andrew’s Church, 13601 Saratoga Ave. Saratoga, CA


Shawna’s capacity for extrasensory perception was heightened following her NDE and plays an important role in her work with clients.  In an effort to answer the requests of people who have contacted her wishing to experience this love and connect with their own intuitive abilities, including deeper perception of their own unique essence, while connecting more deeply to loved ones departed and present, Shawna has created a 3-part workshop that she is offering with IANDS.


Part Three Overview: Your Vibrations and the Non-Physical Realms –  (Part 2 or 1 are not prerequisites) – This workshop will begin with a brief overview of Part Two: Working with Your Vibration and Others

In this workshop, You’ll continue to explore and ground into your unique vibration. We now move into exploring the capacity of our consciousness to perceive the many non-physical levels of existence, from deceased love ones and disincarnate spirits that have recently left the Earth plane to those, such as angels and archetypes, that are closer to the Oneness. As we worked with boundaries in workshop 2, so too will we continue with boundaries in workshop 3, but with those we do not necessarily perceive with our normal 5 senses.  This will entail also more fully exploring and distinguishing intuition from mind and  receptive imagining from active imagining. You will leave the workshop feeling more grounded and present in the world.

In this workshop you will:

~ learn to detect frequency fluctuations affecting your own vibration

~ connect with your guides.

~ explore levels of vibrational density (body, mind, soul, spirit).

~ explore hierarchies of consciousness (physical, ghosts, angels, archetypes, etc.)

~ develop detached noticing

~ learn to respond rather than react when working with entities

~ learn to sense people, places and things at a distance

~ practice clearing techniques

~ stand confidently in your vibration

This workshop is useful for those who would like to connect with a loved one who has transitioned, connect with their guides or angels, would like to explore the fullness of reality, or interested in working and living more intuitively.



Please bring your lunch: there will only be a short time to drive to Westgate West or El Paseo de Saratoga (downtown Saratoga might be a bit too far!)


Part Two Summary: Working with Your Vibration and Others – This workshop began with a brief overview of Part One: Your Unique Vibration.

Being clear in your vibration is key to working with others. Your vibration emanates a frequency that interacts with the frequencies around you.  When grounded in your own vibration, it is easier to recognize the world as a panoply of vibrations, not distinct necessarily from each other, but frequencies that fluctuate one into another.  Using detached noticing, we can stay out of the stories and interpretations produced by the mind and rest in the impressions and expressions we receive.  From this point, we can make a conscious choice on how to respond rather than react to experiences.  Your unique vibration can then flow with the vibration of others and the world around you.


Part One Summary: Your unique vibration

We each have our own unique vibration, or energy thumbprint.  Our body is like an antenna that can pick up these unique frequencies around us and also transmits our own. We each “feel” a certain way (most notably when you don’t feel like yourself) and each person we come in contact with has a certain “feel”, whether we are consciously aware of this or not.  Distinguishing what you feel like from others, whether physical or non-physical, is foundational for clearing personal boundaries and working with the vibrations of other physical and nonphysical beings.


Shawna Ristic has not only been a body therapist and intuitive healer for several years, she also had a wealth of intuitive ability imparted to her via near-death experience. It turns out that EVERYONE who has had an NDE has had some sort of life transformation. Some people gain psychic tendencies, some of them gain spontaneous knowledge about the afterlife, mathematics, science, or even history, but all NDErs are transformed. Shawna has gained transformation in several ways that extend beyond her practice. Fortunately, when she sees clients at her Los Gatos and Santa Cruz offices, she can not only do her bodywork/therapies, she can also speak to your situation that would be addressed by the knowledge she acquired during her NDEs.