February 3



Saturday February 3, 2018

9:30 – 2:30

Tickets are 50.00 (see PayPal, upper right, also at door)

Part One: Your Unique Vibration

with Shawna Ristic

Shawna’s capacity for extrasensory perception was heightened following her NDE and plays an important role in her work with clients.  In an effort to answer the requests of people who have contacted her wishing to also experience this love and connect with their own intuitive abilities, including deeper perception of their own unique essence, connecting more deeply to loved ones, departed and present, and contacting spiritual guides and ancestors, Shawna has created a 3-part workshop that she is offering with IANDS.

Part One: Your unique vibration:  We each have our own unique vibration, or energy thumbprint.  Our body is like an antenna that can pick up these unique frequencies around us and also transmits our own. We each “feel” a certain way (most notably when you don’t feel like yourself) and each person we come in contact with has a certain “feel”, whether we are consciously aware of this or not.  Distinguishing what you feel like from others, whether physical or non-physical, is foundational for clearing personal boundaries and working with the vibrations of other physical and nonphysical beings. 

This workshop will focus on feeling fully your own unique vibration and distinguishing it from the world around you.


Part Two: Working with the vibration of others

Part Three: Sensing the vibrations of the non-physical realms

Part Two and Three will be offered at South Bay IANDS at a date soon to be announced.


Bring your lunch! Drinks will be provided