USB Video Release


A News Release About New USB Videos


Dear friends of South Bay IANDS,

John Finnemore is a long-time member of South Bay IANDS and a dear friend of ours.  As you may know, he has spent most of his retirement publishing and publicizing the simple yet profound teachings of the nonprofit, nonreligious Universal Spiritual Brother&Sisterhood (USB).  Those teachings, coming from the highest spirit realms, and presented in the USB’s book “Spiritual Light”, are intended to make our world a much better place.  I’m happy to announce that those teachings are now being introduced in a series of new YouTube videos, viewable here .

The first few short videos in this initial release explain how the spirit teachers originally communicated their teachings. They also explain the USB’s purposes and goals for humanity and provide introductions to afterlife wisdom, the USB, and its spirit teachers.

SBIANDS and the USB would be most grateful if you would “Like” and “Subscribe” to these videos and play them as often, and for as long as possible, before noon on Thursday August 31st.  This will help them earn higher YouTube rankings and thereby spread the USB’s important knowledge more widely.