March 28



March 28, 2017 – Ron and Sharyn Jones

Ron Jones, Ph.D. has been a spiritual counselor and teacher in the San Jose, California area for many years. He has helped many people on their spiritual journeys and supported others to overcome the hurdles to their next spiritual step. He developed and directed a number of counseling services including the counseling center at Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) in Palo Alto, California, as well as a yoga meditation center in the San Jose area. He has taught numerous meditation classes and workshops in the area of spiritual growth and is an adviser to ACISTE, which is a national organization serving those who have had a spiritually transformative experiences. He is ordained to counsel and teach seekers of all paths through the Center of Light of AIWP which he oversees in San Jose.

Ron’s wife, also a psychotherapist is an near-death survivor. Also a busy practitioner and guide, she developed a 7-day healing workshop for women who are healing from childhood molestation and abuse. She just finished a workbook for the healing of these wounds that serve these women or therapists interested in this healing process.

Ron can be reached at or his web site

Please see his book here