January 17


Tuesday January 17, 2017 at 7:00 PM – NDEer and South Bay IANDS member Jang Jaswal

Jang Jaswal is a man who has had a life full of adversity. Mostly, his life has been filled with poor health. Go to his page on the web site to get an idea. Tonight, Tuesday January 17th, he will recount his various medical conditions and procedures and how one of them led to an incredibly deep NDE. Before he had his NDE, Jang was a “dog” – a description associated with a low-life person in India. Now when you you speak to him, you would never know how his heart was so full of stents that there was no more room for more. Nor would you imaging the life savings pumps and machines inserted inside of him. He is nothing but a loving soul. Please welcome our own member, Jang Jaswal, for a riveting presentation.

imageTo see Jang’s bio, please visit www.sbiands.org/jang-jaswal/