September 27




Appearing Tuesday, September 27th: Irene Kendig, M.A.

     What if you could ask question of loved ones who’d died . . . and they answered back? What would you ask? How would the answers change the way you live?

Our guest speaker this month is award-winning author Irene Kendig, who will be answering these questions and more as she shares what she’s learned from speaking with seven loved ones on the other side.

“It was 2006, and I had just started a Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology,” says Kendig. “A friend called to tell me about an extraordinary woman named Jana, who could talk with people who’d crossed over. My friend said Jana wanted to make this her life’s work and asked if I would be willing to do a session with her. I hesitated. I had a lot on my plate, and even if she did have this extraordinary gift, there wasn’t anyone who’d passed on with whom I felt compelled to speak. Still, I was curious.”

“I scheduled the session thinking I was doing my friend a favor,” Kendig continues. “You can imagine my amazement when, after the hour-long session, I had connected with four loved ones on the other side in a way that was unmistakable and unequivocal. I hung up the phone and danced around my house for hours, delighting in the knowing that we are eternal.  Three days later, I called and scheduled a second session. At the end of that session, I asked Jana if she wanted to collaborate on a book. She agreed. We met for an hour a day for the next two years. Last year, Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead: Seven compelling dialogues that will transform the way you think about dying and living, was published. Each of the seven dialogues begins with the same question: What did you experience when you released your last breath on earth?”

“What I’ve learned has transformed the way I live,” continues Kendig. “Knowing I won’t cease to exist, I am empowered to live courageously, listening to and acting on my heart’s desires. Knowing I am an eternal being living in a beneficent universe, I am open and available to the miracle of each moment, and my moments are filled with peace, trust, and joy. My mission now is to eliminate unnecessary suffering and inspire conscious, joyous living by transforming the way we think about death and dying.”

Since its release a year ago, the book has been honored with four national awards and an international, and recently hit Amazon bestseller status at #11 in the category of death. It is endorsed by NY Times Bestselling authors Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God), and Bernie Siegel, M.D. (Faith, Hope and Healing). Rev. Richard Dinges of Virginia Beach IANDS offered this endorsement: “As I read Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead, I began marking important passages. Then I began underlining passages of exceptional clarity. I soon realized I was marking nearly every page because nearly every page provided new and clear understandings. I have been studying near-death experiences for fifteen years and gaining bits of information about life beyond the physical. Each NDE is like a thread. Then I read Jerry’s descriptions of life beyond and I saw the tapestry.”

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