August 25

7:00 PM Thursday August 25th 2016

Susanne Wilson


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Susanne Wilson is a medium, past life regressionist, and intuition development expert. She has been studied and written about in books and scientific journals by world renowned afterlife researchers including Dr. Gary Schwartz, Roberta Grimes, and Victor Zammit. Roberta Grimes has publicly referred to Susanne as “the world’s greatest living medium.”

Susanne will share how her near death experience literally changed her mind. Before her NDE, Susanne faced an identity crisis because she nurtured her medium abilities, in secret, while she climbed the corporate ladder. After her NDE, Susanne began seeing dead people 24-7. She was forced into learning how to handle her medium abilities, which led to embracing her gifts.

Susanne’s office is in Carefree, Arizona. Known to many as the Carefree Medium, Susanne has been a featured guest on numerous TV and radio programs, including CBS, Gaiam TV, and most recently she was a guest on “Beyond Belief” with George Noory. Her wait time for a private appointment is over 18 months. Susanne’s first book will be published this fall: Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach About Spirit Communication. Her website is