April 7


Our guest Thursday April 7th, 2016 at 7:00:

Natalie Sudman


Natalie has quite a story to tell. Growing up she had paranormal gifts beyond what most of us have. Then she had her NDE. She learned so much about purpose, and healing. This is an amazing true story of a female civilian employee of the Army Corps of Engineers in Basrah and Nasiriyah, Iraq. She was riding in a truck with other men when a roadside bomb destroyed the vehicle. Her body was so severely damaged that there was no possible way she could live. She vividly recounts her Near Death Experience when she went out of the body to the spirit world. There it was decided that her work on Earth was not done and with the help of spirit guides, they repaired the body so she could reenter it. She retained the conscious memory of what happened and during the time in the hospital, more details returned. This is the amazing story of a survival in wartime conditions. This has happened to many others in Iraq, but how many remember the spirit side of the experience?

Before this experience, Sudman was dubious about anything that smacked of the paranormal. This experience made her a believer. She shares her story tonight to demonstrate that the paranormal is normal and to assist others who have had similar experiences.

She is also an accomplished artist, and you can see her work here.

Find her book at Amazon.