April 2


Our Guest on Saturday April 2, 2016 at 1:00 PM:

Betty Eadie


Betty J. Eadie – Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller “Embraced By The Light” experienced one of the most profound and detailed near-death experiences ever recorded. Her book dominated the NYT #1 slot for 78 weeks and became the 5th best-selling non-fiction book of the 90’s being translated into over 40 languages.

Betty’s second book, “The Awakening Heart,” also became a NYT Bestseller and shares more of Betty’s NDE and of her heart in describing how she overcame her own struggles including a terrible depression upon returning to this world. “The Ripple Effect” is Betty’s first “teaching book” and is an encyclopedia of answers to spiritual questions about the afterlife. “Embraced By The Light Prayers and Devotions for Daily Living” is a daily devotional of ongoing guidance and inspiration for each day’s trials, triumphs, losses and blessings. Betty has spoken to and worked with various groups including the terminally ill, a prominent Cancer Research Center, IANDS and eventually became a clinical hypnotherapist to help her connect with that eternal part of us all that is our spirit within our mortal body and can foster healing.

Since having her visit to the spirit world and afterlife, Betty works continuously to help people learn that life does not end when we die. She pushes forward tirelessly to carry the message of God’s unconditional love to millions all over the globe through her books, numerous television appearances & radio interviews, as well as speaking events & various media. Currently she is working with Ridley Scott Productions to bring about the production of “Embraced By The Light the Movie.” For more, visit http://www.EmbracedByTheLight.com, Betty’s official web site.