October 27





Tuesday October 27, 2015 at 7:15 PM: Mark Jacoby


Mark Jacoby’s story has been featured on the Discovery Channel and CBS Evening News.  As he describes, after a terrible accident, “I looked down on the people. . . . Then there was a hissing sound, as I floated through the ceiling. I continued to move upward toward something to which I was strongly attracted. It was more like the world was rapidly moving away from me than I from it. The scene below me seemed to stretch away in an infinite distortion . . . .”

Mark’s death experience included a “life review” in which he not only assessed the events of his life, but he was able to feel how every action and thought had affected others. “I was judging myself,” he says–but there was a “being of light” by his side comforting him.

When Mark returned to his body, he knew that everything was different. “I realized that I wasn’t who I had thought I was.  And now I have absolutely no fear of death. The experience of being there is to exist as love, inside love, knowing only love.  I discovered that the purpose of life on earth is also to exist as love. It is as if the emotion of love is what I have always been, and the only thing that I have ever been, and what I will always be.”

You can read Mark’s account on the influential and voluminous web site called nderf.com (Near-Death Experience Rsearch Foundation), founded and administered by Dr. Jeffrey Long at this location.

You can also read a very personal account of his ordeal here, at http://www.spirit-web.org/nde/nde