June 6


Saturday June 6 – Lorraine Flaherty’s Workshop on the Interlife Space

$40.00 admission


Enroll in the workshop being conducted on Saturday June 6th, 2015, and gain insight into many near-death researchers. Lorraine, after  thousands of hypnotherapy session of individuals who have been to the “other side” will describe these insights. Additionally, Lorraine asks these fundamental questions:

What if you could change unhelpful beliefs, let go of unhealthy habits or discover where they came from in the first place?

What if there was a simple process you could do to unlock anything that is keeping you stuck or blocked and what if clearing these blocks could allow you to access your full potential?

What if you could learn more about who you are,  why you are here and what your life purpose really is?

If you are curious about any of these things then I would be more than happy to  help you find the answers.


Join Lorraine for 6 full hours of her insights (please bring your lunch or choose a nearby eatery. Thats plenty of time to get individual consideration.

The workshop runs through 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM at our meeting place, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 13601 Saratoga Ave.

See Lorraine’s web site: http://www.innerjourneys.co.uk/