February 17


February 17, 2015: Lorraine Flaherty






“As a University lecturer who teaches Clinical Hypnosis and Accelerated Learning to Doctors, I am a practical and grounded person; however my ongoing research has shown me that there is much to be gained from the exploration of Past Lives.

In this talk I will explore whether Past Lives are real and whether there are any benefits to be had by exploring them. I believe I have compelling evidence to show that they do exist and I will be providing examples of the incredible stories that my clients have shared with me. I will discuss the remarkable transformations that have occurred in their lives as a result of what they have learnt and reveal just how easy it is to get access to information about past lives. I will talk about karma, unfinished business, relationships, soul-mates, soul groups and much more besides. If you have ever been curious about who you really are and why you are here then this talk is for you.

“This work is like Feng Shui for the Soul; clearing out all the unwanted mental clutter” Lorraine Flaherty


Lorraine had wide acceptance as a great teacher and lecturer. Although she did not have any time for reading, she will be available in May, times will be announced later.

Her book, Healing with Past Life Therapy: Transformational Journeys through Time and Space, can be found at Amazon, here.