August 21


THURSDAY August 21st, 2014 at 7:30 PM

(note day/date change)


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Dianne Sherman

What a pleasure it is to host Dianne for the second time in 4 years. On South Bay IANDS’s 4th anniversary, I can think of no better way to celebrate the occasion. We have hosted individuals before who are wonderful, intuitive and caring, but Dianne takes wisdom, empathy and love to a whole new level. She can immediately (and without beating around the bush, I may add) get to the heart of an issue and use her intuitive gifts to permanently eliminate the cause of whatever is blocking spiritual growth. Dianne is a very successful spiritual life coach and adviser. She is a very professional guide to personal happiness and success.

Her skills and power are the result of a transformation. That transformative experience was an NDE. She is featured on YouTube in a wonderful video produced by Mel VanDusen on Presents! Check it out here, so that you can get to know her.

Please welcome Dianna Sherman on August 21st.

See Dianne’s web site


South Bay IANDS exists only on donations  and the director’s out-of pocket expenses. If possible please offer a donation at the door. Suggested amounts between 5.00 and 20.00 are encouraged (although donations are not required). The meeting is open to all.

If possible, please bring a snack to share! Thanks!