May 27


Tuesday May 27, 2014 – Lewis Brown Griggs


Lewis Griggs

Lewis Griggs


As we know, spiritual transformation is one of the most important and conspicuous features of the NDE. It changes a person from what he was into what he becomes. Usually this is evidenced by a change in personality, almost always for the good. A poster child for this attribute, Lewis Griggs has a story that bears this out in a very perceptible way. His story is one of  a personality steeped in aristocratic tradition. Over the years, Lewis unavoidably developed a worldview and behavior commensurate with his background. What makes him different is that he was able to take the content of his NDE to change his values. He may look the same, but he’s not so.

If you missed Lewis at our February, 2011 meeting, please come on May 27 to meet and learn from him, ask questions of him, and to generally enjoy yourselves at a gathering of friends with a mutual interest.

We are honored to host him this night. Please see his bio here.