November 23

Jessica Haynes – November 23, 2010

Jessica Haynes

Jessica Haynes


In a gripping presentation, Jessica spoke about the longest-lasting and arguably the most important attribute of the Near-Death Experience (NDE): the permanent spiritual transformation it causes in the victim or patient. In 1983 she had a near-fatal automobile accident. She described her subsequent near-death experience after which she laid in her hospital bed with a shattered body. Jessica then proceeded, to the astonishment of her doctors, to make a 6-month recovery. With barely a sign of her grievous injuries visible, she turned her life around and dedicated her time to helping others achieve success.

Jessica’s NDE is unlike any other previously submitted to IANDS. She was invited to be a key speaker in Denver, Colorado for the IANDS 2010 International Convention. A sought-after speaker and frequent television and radio guest, Jessica has been on panel discussions about Near Death Experiences with Dr. Raymond Moody, Dannion Brinkley, Ram Dass, and other experts on the field of death studies. She is a co-author with Stephen Covey, John Gray, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown.

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