February 22

February 22, 2014 at 3:00 PM

South Bay IANDS Hosts a Combined Workshop

Erica McKenzie and Virginia Hummel (“the Orb Whisperer” – see below)

Saturday February 22 at 3:00 PM



Erica McKenzie

Erica’s Workshop Information


Awaken your Spirit: Your Uniqueness is your Contribution to your Earthly Journey


In the workshop you will:
  • Realize that your value is your contribution on Earthly Journey.. Applying the steps necessary to bring your contribution to the table in efforts to help yourself and others.
  • Empower your mind to prepare the way for your Spiritual Awakening……..Let’s go to a higher level of energy vibration consciousness.
  • Reveal potential road blocks that may be standing in your way of hearing God’s voice.
  • Learn steps to take to help to increase your communication with God and spirit as you begin to awaken.
  • Share the tools to raise your vibrational energy for the opportunity to create a bridge between this world and the spirit world
  • Live your life fearlessly – be the rippling effect and enjoy the journey!



Virginia Hummel


In the workshop we will:

  1. Share the tools to raise your vibration to give you the opportunity to connect with the orb phenomena and other spiritual experiences.
  2. Learn the steps to reframe your perception of death and reclaim your life after loss.
  3. Reveal new information gathered from research and experience through videos and photos.
  4. Identify the connection between photographed orbs, NDE and the survival of consciousness.
  5. Discuss photography tips for capturing orb photos.
  6. Feel free to bring your cameras!

Author and Inspirational speaker

Chair, Orb Encounters Committee, Eternea.com



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