November 19

Tuesday November 19th, 2013 – Dr. Rajiv Parti


Dr. Rajiv Parti

Dr. Rajiv Parti



South Bay IANDS is excited to announce that Dr. Rajiv Parti will be visiting as a guest speaker on November 19, 2013. That’s a Tuesday evening at 7:30 – our regular time and place but 1 week earlier than usual: the 3rd Tuesday, not the 4th.

Dr. Parti is an anesthesiologist who underwent a life-changing NDE in 2010. He came down with advanced prostate cancer in 2005, and 5 years later he succumbed to the disease. His story is one of spiritual direction. He was made to return in order to help people by easing pain, and to heal without drugs. He now is a very active healer, a writer, a coach, and a workshop presenter, all surrounding spiritual wellness solutions.

Before you meet him in person in November, you have a chance NOW to gain insight into Dr. Parti,  and all that he has learned from his NDE. Be sure to check out his speaking schedule. And please browse around for a while to get a feeling about what he will bring to South Bay IANDS in November.