October 10

                                 October 10, 2013 – Jack Seccombe

Jack Seccombe

Jack Seccombe

Jack learned how to leave his body voluntarily many years ago. A guest on Coast-to-Coast gave some techniques to the listening audience. He learned how to see auras, with this information. Soon he was able to have a rudimentary OBE. His skill progresses though some difficult experiences, but he was resolute and it paid off. Eventually, he was able to have the full range of OBE, even being able to visit other realms.  He used this tool a lot during those days. While opening and running a restaurant in the Sierra Foothills, he necessarily dialed back on these activities, but is not staring to explore once again.

Jack will visit us on a special day, a day we created just for him and for us to learn and enjoy this gift. He won’t be able to demonstrate, obviously, but he will give us several techniques to “get out”. He has plenty of OBE stories from his past that will amaze us and show us the possibilities that are possible to those of us who seriously give astral projection a try.

Come meet Jack to hear his fascinating stories and techniques.


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