September 24

September 24, 2013 –  Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot


Alan Ross Hugenot, Ph.D.

The Death Experience by Alan Hugenot


About the talk: “Physics of Consciousness and the Afterlife”


Dr. Hugenot’s presentation will be on the Physics of the afterlife, as explained in Chapter 6 (Consciousness and Quantum Field Theory) of his 2012 book The Death Experience: What it is like When you Die. Skeptics often use the basic concepts of Newtonian materialist science to undermine people’s belief in the afterlife. But the leading Quantum Physicists have known for over 80 years now that the universe itself is conscious. In the last 30 years there has been much data developed which provides proof of the afterlife, yet it is not common knowledge. When we become accustomed to the idea that consciousness exists outside the body, the hypothesis that consciousness survives our physical death becomes quite feasible. Consequently, we arrive at the near inevitable conclusion that after physical death a non-local non-temporal consciousness can continue in an invisible immaterial world that encompasses past, present, and future within dark energy (the undiscerned 96% of the universe). Dr. Hugenot survived a Near-Death experience prior to completing his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. So, during undergraduate and post-graduate school his Near-Death experience informed his understanding that consciousness underlies Newtonian materialist science.



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