March 26


March 26, 2013 – Martha St. Claire


Martha Cassandra St. Claire


Martha St. Claire was hoping for a day of fun with her boyfriend when she journeyed to the Sacramento River delta in 1974.  Instead, she nearly drowned and traveled to the light, which she calls “just the best thing that ever happened to me.” She’ll share her story with us at this month’s IANDS meeting

Martha’s NDE in the delta involved going through a tunnel and meeting a guide, someone she had previously encountered.  Martha also received prophetic visions of the future, some of which are in the midst of happening. Given the choice, she chose to come back.  “I have no fear of death,” she says. Of her NDE, she says, “It connected me to the divine. It helped me see that there is a higher purpose in everything we go through. There really is a divine order to our lives on earth, and we each have chosen to be here.”

Martha Cassandra St. Claire, M.A., (formerly Cassandra Musgrave), is an NDE speaker and educator, gerontologist, counselor, angelic messenger, spiritual medium, energetic healer, and pet communicator. She has been trained as a Unity minister, licensed for assisted living administration, and was a certified hospice volunteer.

Martha aligns with divine love and wisdom within, through using intuition, gifts of the spirit, prayer, and ritual, to assist in healing others in their everyday lives. Under the direction of her Higher Divine Self, spirit guides and angels, she offers inspired, practical guidance for the here and now, and also focuses on end of life, death, the after-life, and multi-dimensional realities. Her purpose is to awaken soul memory and divine consciousness within, vanquish any fear of death, and to work in community to accelerate and co-create Heaven on Earth. Her web site is

She has served on the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Board of Directors (2001-2003), working as the Friends of IANDS (FOI) International Chapter Coordinator. Her NDE research was published in, The Journal of Near-Death Studies (Volume 15, No. 3, Spring, 1997).

Aspects of Martha’s career, and her personal near-death experiences have been featured on Portland’s AM Northwest, Portland’s News Channel 8, Oregon’s News Channel 12, Ancient Prophecies III (NBC), The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Life After Death (Vision TV, Canada), and on Austin’s KVET radio.

Written articles and reference sources for Martha’s work include: Sioux Falls Argus Leader; Cats Magazine; Cosmopolitan Magazine; Esquire; Light of the Dawn Newsletter (Japan); The Uniguidance Newsletter (FOUG); Lessons from the Light  by Dr. Kenneth Ring & Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino, The Paranormal Sourcebook  by Charles E. Sellier & Joseph Meier, Esquire Presents: What it Feels Like by A.J. Jacobs, The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation by Janice Holden, Bruce Greyson, and Debbie James,  Visits from Heaven by Josie Varga, and the recent film Afterlife, by best-selling author Paul Perry, with Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Jeff Long (2011).

Please welcome Martha St. Claire as our guest lecturer!

South Bay IANDS meetings are free, but we do request an optional  donation from $5.00 — $20.00 to help with expenses. No one will be turned away. Also, please feel free to bring snacks. Coffee and cold beverages are provided by South Bay IANDS. But snacks, including healthy ones, are appreciated.