January 22


Luis Minero of the International Academy for Consciousness (IAC)

 January 22, 2013 – Luis Minero

The IAC is a non-profit, global organization conducting research and education dedicated to investigating consciousness and helping people develop their human potential.  Their excellent web site discusses their expertise and their educational offerings related to human potential, personal development, self-awareness, out-of-body experiences (OBE or OOBE, astral projection, astral travel), psychic abilities, vital energy (bioenergy, chi, prana, orgonne), paranormal phenomena, non-physical dimensions, scientific paradigms, and consciousness.

The OBE is a spiritually transformative experience (STE), and as such, is a subject of interest for IANDS.

Most people who have attended IAC courses and conferences are interested in the OBE. Many students acheive the OBE state during their course. The OBE is an integral part of the NDE; a vast number of near-death experiencers have OBEs. For instance, early in the NDE they see their body from a point outside of it. This is a phenomena that can also be described as bi-location.

Tonight, Mr. Minero will lecture on the relationship between OBEs and NDEs, their parallels, similarities, and differences.

The IAC web site is a wealth of information. Before the meeting you should look at it: www.IACworld.org. For any pre-meeting questions, you can contact Luis at California@IACworld.org or call him at the IAC California office: (310) 482-0000(310) 482-0000, or toll-free,  (877) 422- 4623(877) 422- 4623 (877-IAC-4OBE877-IAC-4OBE).