November 22

 November 22, 2012 – Julia Assante

Julia Assante

Julia Assante

Julia Assante lives in Germany. She traveled to California to visit family and to speak at IANDS groups. We were very lucky that she said “YES” when I asked if she could be a guest speaker at SBIANDS! Her talk was awesome, and about two-thirds of the attendees stayed beyond the meeting close time (11:00 PM).  She is a psychic and an academician who is well versed in not only in the first languages ever written (Sumerian and Akkadian – which were  both cuneiform languages, in other words, similar to those Egyptian writing you may have seen elsewhere), but also most of the subsequent biblical texts.

Why is this important to us? By deciphering the earlieist languages, we bring enormous evidence for the existence of an AFTERLIFE. These ancient people described in symbols what their lifetime was like. They included GODS. Don’t worry Christians, there is an explanation.

See her web site, because it is amazing in its scope. It is :, and you can see how she can change the way we think about reality.