September 25

 September 25, 2012

Janet Mayer

Janet Mayer

Janet Mayer is a psychic medium who has participated in a number of research projects to test and validate her abilities. She has passed vigorous tests by multiple organizations and is considered a “certified medium.” Janet is also on the Medium Advisory Board with the Forever Family Foundation.  Although there are many certified mediums such as Janet, the big difference is that I can personally attest to her accuracy. She has helped many families cope with the loss and grief of a loved one. I know some of them. Janet’s path sadly led her to abilities she did not want or know how to control. Luckily (or spiritually), she was transformed and gained a higher degree of understanding after spontaneously speaking Indigenous Amazonian languages. She has had many tapes translated as she continues to speak these languages and the journey continues. You’ll have to read it to believe it! (Or come to our meeting and listen to her share her story and be awed as she spontaneously channels the Brazilian languages.)


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