May 22

Virginia Hummel - The Orb Whisperer

Virginia Hummel – The Orb Whisperer


Tuesday May 22, 2012 –  The “Orb Whisperer” Virginia Hummel

Virginia Michelle “Shelly” Hummel is the mother of four children, one of whom, Christopher, was killed in a motorcycle accident in February 2006. She is also the proud grandmother of Chris’ ten-year-old son, Logan. Virginia has been a devoted student of spirituality and metaphysics for over twenty years. She is a Certified Light Therapist and currently resides in Southern California.


I must admit that as founder of the St. Andrew’s Church chapter of IANDS, (South Bay IANDS), I had heard of orbs, I had seen photos of them, but I never gave them a lot of thought. After all, there were so many more concrete evidences of the afterlife flooding me and people like me. Now that I am moving on to the next step in afterlife enlightenment, I find that “orbs” are a completely spiritual and challenging phenomenon. The “afterlife” is the subject that has grabbed my attention within the last year. Orbs are an extension of the afterlife. Much intelligence can be packed into and construed from, these orbs that are almost always available to see.

Ms. Hummel asked that we all bring our flash-enabled digital cameras to the meeting. We had a chance to photograph the orbs around us. She instructed us and critiqued our photographs as well. You would not believe some of the photos our attendees got. Most active with orbs was the memorial garden just between the meeting room and the church. One member with in-laws buried there got at least 100 orbs in one shot. So did 2 other people. Most of the others had 3-6 orbs in their photos. This was really fun, and when you think that these orbs are the soul energy of those who have died it is also very somber and inspiring. You can ask a departed loved on to go sit on the chair and they will do that. That would be the exception rather than the rule, but with the inexpensive (not high-end) digital cameras, we can just delete the ones that don’t have orbs in them.

Virginia has written a book called Miracle Messenger: Signs from Above, Love from Beyond available here.

Her 2nd book, more oriented toward what she has learned about orbs and orb photography is called Orbs: A Window to the Divine. It will be in the bookstores before summer sets in.

Wayne Dyer’s new book features orb photos taken by Virginia when Wayne was on the stage presenting. Here is where you can get it.



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