March 27

March 27, 2012 – Experiencer Panel Discussion

Welcome to South Bay IANDS. Our March meeting brings our first experiencer panel discussion featuring 3 local Near-Death Experiencers. This should be an evening of amazing stories and answered questions. The brief stories and circumstances of the 3 individuals are below. I appreciate, and so will you, their selflessness and very generous desire and motivation to tell the world that there is life after death: what it can look like and what it can sound like.


This meeting starts at 7:00 PM and could possibly last 3 hours because of its format. You are encouraged to bring snacks to share during our break! There is a suggested donation of $5.00 to $20.00, but it’s not mandatory. We want all people to be able to experience this evening.

Linda Brann

While doing household chores, Linda felt poorly. Her chest was staring to display symptoms of a heart attack. With her arms tingling, and close to unconsciousness, her husband called emergency services , and they barely got to her in time. While at death’s door, she experienced an amazing NDE that she will share with us.


Ann Fox

A hit and run driver left Ann, a television producer,  with a “pulverized” face. Her death came as she suffocated on her own bone and facial tissue. Her story is one of a beautiful NDE and of a strong survivor.




Ray Kinman

Ray Kinman

Ray Kinman

A dangerous and unsuccessful judo throw landed 4th grader Ray Kinman right on the top of his head – on concrete. The resulting edema of his brain was a secondary concern because his tongue retracted, suffocating Ray.




Eric Rice

In the winter of 1982, during a life crisis, Eric received a visit from a spiritual being he calls “the Presence”, who revealed to him God’s true nature. Over the course of weeks, the Presence also healed Eric and in so doing revealed the power of self-healing that we all possess.








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