October 25

Tuesday October 25, 2011- Dianne Sherman




Thirty years ago, Dianne Sherman went into a hospital for a quick and common knee operation.   She would emerge with a near-death experience she had to piece together over years, but one that would radically change her life.


Of her NDE, she says, “It was so gorgeous – I’ve never been so happy.  I had no question about where I was.  Everything was so in sync.  I had never felt so cherished in my whole life.” Dealing with the material world again, though, meant challenges.  “I walked away from my religion; that was probably one of the biggest changes,” she says. Of her NDE, Dianne says, “If you experience unconditional love, you realize that there is no judgment, no right or wrong… you start looking at everything differently, and realize that you are part of the whole. “I’m loved unconditionally – it doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do.” Come join us in welcoming Dianne, and bring your questions. If you have any for me, please call me at (408) 343-1276 or reach the web site, where you can leave a message, at www.sbiands.org/contact.