December 1


December 1, 2011 – Roberta Grimes, Esq.




Roberta’s lecture was wonderfully spellbinding. She is an energetic and sincere person who wants to let the world know that how we live our lives here determines where we end up in heaven. We discovered that by knowing the overwhelming evidence of the afterlife, we can influence our eternal life  while we are alive here!  She spoke for 1 1/2 hours and took questions and answers after the break. This was Roberta’s second stop and a week long  visit to the Bay Area comprising 5 events. See her schedule at at

Austin attorney Roberta Grimes has been studying afterlife issues and evidence that has been written in the last 200 years. She has been developing a detailed picture of the realities that we enter at death. She uses quantum physics and consciousness research to show how the afterlife fits with the solid reality we know, so for the first time in human history she makes the afterlife real and accessible. Her book, The Fun of Dying:Find Out What Really Happens Next is a complete account how dying feels and what happens at, during, and after the transition.

Her book is a basic but amazing description of the afterlife. The first appendix contains references to almost all of the published  research that helped Roberta to get to the understanding she has now. Most are still available today. The Fun of Dying is the perfect place to start your own research, and the recommended reading is even more amazing. The book is short and an easy read. It is to the point and will prepare you for the questions you will assuredly have for her when she visits on December 1st. Barbara is a fun and very gifted speaker with total enthusiasm for her subject, bringing it to life as no one else can. She will be making other Bay Area appearances. You can soon view them at her web site, She also helps administer, and is a frequent contributor to Her book can be purchased at these web sites or at